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Official United Kennel Club Entry Form
or a UKC Limited Privilege number.  Check one of the three boxes below and enter your dogs number.
If your dog's permanent registration is pending at UKC, and you do not have a valid TL number, your entry will be invalid. Also, Entries are not valid without payment per UKC rules. 

Sorry Closed - 2 shows each day, Saturday, January 20
and Sunday January 21, 2018
Pre-Entries close at end of  Wednesday, 1/10/18
on 1/17/18 you are most welcome to enter at day of show prices - online entries will not be taken after 1/17/18

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Washington Park 6455 N 23rd Avenue Phoenix AZ 85015  From I17 to Exit 205 toward Glendale Avenue, Merge onto North Black Canyon Hwy and then turn slight left. Look for canopies.
Caliente All Breed Canine Association

"The Heat Is On....."
Until Next Time Please enter at the show.
If paying by Paypal using an email other than the one used in the entry above, please put a note of the PayPal email used to pay here.  Or put dog's name on the PayPal invoice.  Sometimes it is hard to match money to entry.  Thanks. 

All events are held under the Official Rules and Regulations of the United Kennel Club, Inc. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or firearms will be allowed on the grounds or in the buildings on the day of a UKC Licensed event. UKC, its agents and employees, and the host club assume no responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury sustained by spectators or by exhibitors and handlers, or to any of their dogs or property, and further assume no responsibility for injury to children not under the control of their parents or guardians. UKC and the host club are not responsible for loss, accidents or theft.

By signing this form, I hereby agree to waive any claim, action, or lawsuit and further agree to indemnify and hold UKC, the host club and any approved UKC Judge harmless from any claims, actions or lawsuits resulting from my participation in this event, and any action,  decision or judgment made by any UKC or host club representative or approved Judge under the official UKC Rules and Regulations governing this event. I acknowledge that the current Official UKC Rules and Regulations (Agility, Conformation, Junior Showmanship, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Terrier Race, Weight Pull) have been made available to me, and that I am familiar with their contents. My signature indicates that I understand and agree to the above and to abide by all of the current Official UKC Rules and Regulations.

I Agree I have read and agree to the waiver on this electronic entry form. I swear this dog is not being handled by a professional handler in Conformation.
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Consider this form as the same as filling out an official UKC entry form.  IE:  for a Junior you would fill out this form for only one Junior and you would check the boxes for which shows at the top of the form. Or if this is a dog entry - it should be for only one dog and you will have to fill out another one for the next dog you want to show.  Any questions or need for clarification should be directed to Connie Mathewson 
Thank you  
By pressing the submit button, I agree I have read and am in agreement with the waiver on this electronic form.  I swear this dog is not being handled by a professional handler in Conformation. 
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Price includes $2 for Handling Charges on Single and $5 for weekend specials - Payment must be submitted with entry to qualify for pre-entry prices, either by PayPal below or mailed personal check or money order to CABCA, PO Box 634 Parker, AZ 85344, must be received by pre-entry deadline. 
C. Junior Showmanship Classes consist of:
You may adjust quantities for more shows same dog, but only one form per dog please, per UKC rules.  Thanks.
*Must click on Submit for each dog entered.  Entry will not go through without clicking the submit button.
No Refunds
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Fill out Junior Showmanship information here:

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Washington Park 6455 N 23rd Avenue Phoenix AZ 85015  From I17 to Exit 205 toward Glendale Avenue, Merge onto North Black Canyon Hwy and then turn slightly left. Look for canopies.

How to use this Entry Form:

1.  You may use one entry form to enter the same dog in more than one activity on the same weekend.
2  Use a separate entry for each dog entered in a club's event.
3.  Dog not UKC registered?  Apply for a Temporary Listing Number (TL) online at  TL numbers are valid for 60 days.  (Fees are non-transferable and do not apply to the cost of permanent registration.) 
Call the Dog Events Department at (269) 343-9020 for current fee.
We want you to keep the points earned at UKC Licensed events.  Important things to remember:
All dogs entering UKC events must be permanently registered, have a valid Temporary Listing Number, or a Limited Privilege number for performance events.
All entry forms must be completed and signed.  Incorrect information submitted on the entry form may invalidate your wins.
To be eligible to enter into the Breeder/Handler class, you must be one of the breeders of record, or a member of the immediate family of one of the breeders of record.  Immediate family includes: spouse, parent, step-parent, child, step-child, brother or sister.
Online Entries CLOSE 10/27you may enter at the show at Days Hotel in Peoria
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Yes Enter Show 1 on Sat January 20No - not entered Show 1 Sat  January 20
Yes Enter Show 2 on Sat January 20No - not entered Show 2 Sat January 20
Yes Enter Show 1 on Sun January 21No - not entered Show 1 Sun  January 21
Yes Enter Show 2 on Sun January 21No - not entered Show 2 Sun January 21
UKC permanent reg. #
* I agree to waiver
1A. Regular Licensed class1B. Altered Licensed Class1C. 3-6 puppy
Puppy (6 mo, under 1 yr)
Junior (1 yr, under 2 yrs)
Intermediate/Senior (2 yrs, under 3 yrs)
Adult (3 yrs and up)
Breeder Handler (6 mo & up, handled by breeder or breeder's family)
Grand Champion
Not entering my dog in licensed class, I am entering Junior Showmanship, or non-licensed class 3-6 puppy.
Pee Wee (over 2 yrs, under 4 yrs)
Sub-Junior (4 yrs, under 6 yrs)
Pre-Junior (6 yrs, under 8 yrs)
Novice Junior (8 yrs, under 13 yrs)
Open Junior (8 yrs, under 13 yrs)
Novice Senior (13 yrs, under 18 yrs)
Open Senior (13yrs, under 18 yrs)
Not Junior showmanship Entry